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Does your child struggle to read and spell?

Gain the tools to build Their Literacy Skills

The Reading Spelling Toolkit has the materials to help you and your child conquer reading and spelling together. Learn more  


Hi, I’m Narelle

As a mother of three and an experienced specialist literacy teacher, I know exactly how it feels to worry about your child falling behind the pack at school, especially if they have been diagnosed with dyslexia or another specific learning difference. Your child’s ability to read and spell are critical skills needed for them to successfully participate in the classroom and in the world in general. If you are concerned that your child is struggling to read and spell, The Reading Spelling Toolkit, a multi-sensory and clinically proven online program, will teach YOU and YOUR CHILD, the foundational literacy tools they need to become a confident young reader and speller.

“My son went from crying almost every day with frustration to a kid who started reading books for his own enjoyment. His self-esteem and confidence have returned!”