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Meet Narelle


I am a wife, proud mum of three amazing children and a teacher with over 30 years of teaching experience. My journey in education began after completing a Diploma of Teaching in New South Wales and then a Bachelor of Education in Queensland. I worked as a primary school teacher for a number of years before taking time off to start a family. I later returned to the classroom, soon realising I no longer felt the same passion for this form of teaching as I did for working individually with children with dyslexia, Autism and other specific learning differences. As a result, I undertook further study, partaking in a plethora of up-to-date educational courses to enhance my expertise in these areas.

In 2010, I was approached by SPELD QLD to join them as a member of their Academic Assessment Team. This role saw me examine each child’s individual learning strengths and weaknesses to determine if an identifiable learning difference was impacting on their ability to learn to read and spell. Through this experience, it became apparent that some children need a more targeted approach to amend the reading and spelling difficulties identified. I made it my mission to develop an explicit, highly targeted, fun and multisensory program that goes beyond anything that is on the market or currently offered in the classroom, to help these children become confident readers and spellers.

In 2012, I put this program into practise and opened a specialist literacy centre in Brisbane, alongside my Speech Pathologist friend. Over the following years, we developed, refined and tested this program and have since helped hundreds of once anxious children become confident young readers and spellers. It is so rewarding to be able to help children gain the knowledge to read and spell. Believing in the child, building their confidence and self-esteem and seeing them smile when they figure out they can read and spell is so amazing.

Having seen such great success and knowing there were thousands more children  with these same difficulties and associated anxiety, I knew I had to share this program beyond the four walls of our clinic, to help as many struggling families and their children as possible. This is how The Reading Spelling Toolkit was born.

I am fuelled by my passion for uncovering why some children struggle with learning to read and spell despite every effort being made. This passion has led me to develop this explicit program to help minimise the impact of these difficulties. My experience has taught me that more of the same does not work! Expecting children to read more when they are struggling does not work, nor does introducing sounds in isolation. I am proud of The Reading Spelling Toolkit and its effectiveness for children and their families. I am confident you and your family will experience these same benefits.


I am a registered teacher with the Queensland College of Teachers.am a specialist teacher for SPELD (Supporting People Experiencing Learning Differences) Queensland and am registered with Learning Difficulties Australia and the Australian Tutoring Association.


To give every child the opportunity to become a confident reader and speller as well as equipping parents with the skills and confidence needed to support their child’s literacy journey.