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What is the reading spelling toolkit?

Read more on how the program provides all you and your child need to make reading and spelling simple.

Course One of the The Reading Spelling Toolkit is a multi-sensory and evidence-based online program consisting of 7 modules and includes over 80 videos, which teach YOU and YOUR CHILD the tools they need to learn to read and spell accurately and confidently. This all takes place in the comfort of your own home and at a time that suits YOU and YOUR FAMILY!

Course One incorporates synthetic phonics, which is a method of teaching literacy skills, and is highly supported by the latest research. Research shows that some children won’t ever just ‘get’ reading and spelling through being repeatedly taught information in the same way. Instead, this group of children need to be taught using a more explicit and therefore different approach and that is completely okay. Course One of The Reading Spelling Toolkit uses a unique and explicit approach to introduce a range of unique tools which teach you and your child how to:

  • Identify vowels and consonants
  • Accurately pronounce individual sounds 
  • Understand the relationship between all 13 vowel sounds 
  • Understand the relationship between all 27 consonant sounds
  • Develop automatic recall of letter symbols (letters) and match these to speech sounds through multi-sensory activities
  • Strengthen phonemic awareness skills
  • Enhance vocabulary and reading fluency
  • Build your child’s reading and spelling knowledge and confidence

Each one of the 7 modules contain 10 or more short videos to introduce a specific group of distinct and contrasting letters and sounds based on where and how each sound is made in the mouth. An array of multi-sensory activities are provided within each video to cement this new knowledge whilst catering to all learning styles in a fun, interactive and unique way. At the conclusion of each module, downloadable activities are provided, which include:

  • Timed reading passages
  • Timed word lists
  • Picture prompts
  • Flashcards
  • Vowel cards

As each child learns at a different pace, the downloadable activities consist of various levels of difficulty to ensure that no child feels overwhelmed or bored. These videos are designed for you and your child to watch together. The beauty of The Reading Spelling Toolkit is that there is no set time for you and your child to complete each module and you can rewind, fast forward and pause the videos at any point. If you’d like more information on Course One of The Reading Spelling Toolkit,  please see Frequently Asked Questions.