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worried about your child’s literacy skills BUt DON’T KNOW How TO Help?

Discover the answer with The Reading Spelling Toolkit. 

All children learn to read and spell at different rates but if your child has been struggling for a while, you are worried about their literacy skills or you are at a loss as to what to do to help, The Reading Spelling Toolkit might just be the solution you are looking for.

This video-based program teaches YOU and YOUR CHILD the necessary ‘tools’ to make reading and spelling as easy as possible. The Reading Spelling Toolkit is a unique, evidence-based approach to reading and spelling which has evolved from years of working as a specialist literacy teacher alongside a highly experienced speech pathologist. Combining our individual areas of expertise has resulted in this explicit, systematic and multi-sensory approach to conquering reading and spelling. 

But what makes this approach to learning to read and spell different to what is being taught in the classroom? Besides being a clinically tested, multi-sensory program that teaches YOU and YOUR CHILD the tools to build their reading and spelling skills from the comfort of your home, it:

  • Teaches sounds based on where and how they are made in the mouth – an incredible tool your child MUST have in their toolkit.
  • Incorporates multi-sensory techniques to cater to all learning styles and a variety of learning difficulties.
  • Compares and contrasts sounds rather than teaching sounds in isolation. This is done in a fun and unique manner, improving recall.
  • Doesn’t require you to take time off work to get your child to tutoring.
  • Doesn’t leave your child feeling embarrassed because they have to leave class early to attend extra support sessions.
  • Can be done in the privacy of your own home at a time that suits you and your family.
  • Uses fun and interactive activities to ensure you and your child don’t even realise you are practising reading and spelling.

The Result?

We’ve witnessed children picking up and reading a book which they were once scared of doing. We’ve seen families with children who refused to go to school because they felt they were ‘dumb,’ suddenly want to go to school and engage in the classroom. Best of all, we’ve seen children no longer limited by their negative self-belief, blossom into confident readers and spellers. This could be you and your child when you become a member of The Reading Spelling Toolkit community.

What you’ll get when you buy…

The Course

7 online modules containing over 80 educational and interactive videos.

Supporting Resources

Hundreds of extra resources, practise activities, games and materials specific to each Module. THIS IS NOT HOMEWORK. Instead, activities are fast-paced, don’t require your child to sit at a desk at all times and can be made into a game for the whole family to enjoy.

Informal Literacy Assessment

Access to the Informal Literacy Assessment so that you can assess your child’s current literacy skills pre and post working through The Reading Spelling Toolkit. Used in private practice and valued at $220!

Is this for me?

  • Do you find it hard to get your child to read aloud to you?
  • Does your child struggle to match sounds to letters and letters to sounds?
  • Are you fearful that your child is falling behind at school?
  • Do you struggle to read a letter or story your child has written?
  • Would you like to learn invaluable and unique reading and spelling tools to help support your child at home?
  • Would you like to help your child learn to read and spell but feel scared and overwhelmed?
  • Do you feel you don’t have the skills to help your child?
  • Are you feeling confused and unsure about where to start?

If you answered YES to any or all of these questions, then The Reading Spelling Toolkit is for you and your child! 

“We were at our wits' end, not knowing what to do or how to help our little girl who was falling further behind and losing her confidence rapidly. Now she has the confidence to read chapter books like her friends.”

— Elizabeth Bruton


Take control of your child’s Literacy skills today!

Give your child the tools they need to succeed in reading and spelling.

Online Modules - The Reading Spelling Toolkit


Valued at over $1320, The Reading Spelling Toolkit includes 7 modules with over 80 educational video and hundreds of practise activities, beginning with teaching YOU and YOUR CHILD letter and sound recognition, before moving to single word reading and spelling, and ultimately to paragraph reading and spelling.

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